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Unformatted text preview: Succession and Landscape Ecology: The Woodlot of Homer Watson Park Additional Notes: History - Homer Watson used to visit this forest and purchased land in order to preserve it’s beauty Northern tip of Carolinian forest zone Just like in Steckle Woods, there is some evidence from tree cores that fire in 1805 swept through Homer Watson Park. Park used to have road continue straight through resulting in more traffic, exhaust, and garbage Picnic area used to be located in are under Hemlock grove and evidence can still be seen o Hemlock regeneration is sensitive to soil compaction and previous activities have negatively affected Hemlock seedling establishment First Stop – Edge near embankment/Grand River - Show succession on embankment, pioneer species (Trembling Aspen, White Ash, Staghorn Sumac) Compare with interior forest species (i.e. American Beech, Which Hazel, Hop Hornbeam) Climax forest at this location is a Red Oak forest Next Stop along path east of Wilson Dr. along trail - Oldest trees in forest are a White Pine = 180 years, and Eastern Hemlock = 228 years Point out downed American Beech affected by Beech bark disease Downed timber allowed to decompose as part of parks management of forest (allow ecological functioning and cycling to occur naturally) Next Stop at Gout Weed suppression experimental area - Experiment by University of Waterloo grad student First treatment of round-up and pulling did not work Second treatment of plastic sheet with mulch on top partly working Trying to protect significant species such as New York Fern Next Stop at Wetland - Point out dead trees. Likely died due to decreased recharge of water table resulting from development and increase of impermeable surfaces Used to be a spring on hill slope Now get into groups and demonstrate point-centred quarter technique. ...
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