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Food Security – A Growing Concern? Iouri Basmanov - ID# 20340417 June 16, 2011 Food security is the cornerstone to prosperity in the developing world. It is a very important topic as it addresses the economic, social and environmental concerns of populations and households. When people are empowered by the access to food, they are presented with choices. Whether it is that they make enough income to buy food or they grow their own food, the achievement is in securing that access to food is available for the world population. The goal is to be inclusive in achieving food security as hunger does not discriminate anyone. This response will include a summary of the works studied, followed by a personal reflection. Summary The issue of food security is not because of the amount of food produced, but the distribution of the food and lack of access. Food security is defined as “when there is an adequate food supply to which all members of the population have full access” (Desai & Potter, 2002). In 1974, as a result of the World Food Conference, developing nations were urged to have sufficient reserves of food to feed a country, while at the same time avoiding aid from countries that have foreign policies. Not all countries are self-sufficient, though. Later, policy was driven by food security at the household level. That drew attention to who the poor were, why they were poor and where they are located. Factors such as safe drinking water, education, minimum income and small family size interact are now considered to impair people’s ability to achieve food security.
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Assignment1_BasmanovIouri_20340417 - Food Security A...

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