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GEOG 203 Week 3 Reading Response Cori Crawford Student ID # 20350254 Article- Promises to Keep This article suggests that the MDG are the “most comprehensive set of development targets are the most aggressive to be set down on paper”. That statement is terrifying for me insofar that much weaker goals that have been made concerning third-world development have been missed by a long shot. Because these goals are so comprehensive, I highly doubt that they will be obtained. The article states that progress made within the first year of setting the goals has been terrible. Officials of first world countries are failing to walk the talk. I think that a large reason for this is that they would like to donate large sums of money to ease their conscience, but are not willing to invest the time that must accompany this monetary donation. It has been said time and time again that aid that is not monitored does not work. It is very discouraging when tax dollars are used to support corrupt governments (overseas and at home).
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Unformatted text preview: The article states that Liberia is in 3.8 billion dollars worth of debt. Although I understand that this is an irrefutably high number, I dont understand how the USA can be in 14 billion dollar debt and still be expected to donate large sums of money. It appears as though the environmental degradation is causing the rate of natural disasters to increase. Many people do not see a cost in polluting the environment, however these costs must be realized in natural disaster aid. A large portion of aid from richer countries, for example, went toward tsunami relief. Although a lot of the pressure to eradicate poverty is on rich countries, more of the burden must be on the countries who have the ability to help themselves- ie China and India. In these countries the gap between the rich and the poor is growing. As these countries are developing the skills and resources to help themselves, they need to rely less on foreign aid so it can go to those countries who cannot help themselves....
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