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Unformatted text preview: GEOG 203 Week 6 Response Iouri Basmanov ID 20340417 June 16 th , 2011 (Tutorial 102) In regards to The Multiple Functions and Benefits of Small Farm Agriculture report put out by Food First, I believe it raises some very optimistic and convincing arguments for a systemic change in the way we conduct agriculture. The biggest and most obvious challenge to this change is that is indeed systemic, which would affect many other aspects of the economy and would surely be influenced like politics. The worst country for this is the U.S., as most of the crops are raised in a purely corporate, mechanized supply chain dominated by a handful of companies. The advantages of having a small-farm-oriented agricultural practice are that they produce more per unit area. This is achieved through inter-cropping, a method of planting several crops and utilizing maximum arable land. Small farms are often rich in diversity in terms of livestock and the opportunities it is able to offer the local population such as the quality of the labor (local and...
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