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GEOG 203 – Week 8 Response Iouri Basmanov – UWID# 20340417 June 30 th , 2011 (Tutorial 102) Throughout this week’s readings, there has been a trending theme of the power of legislation and regulation as the cause and possible solution to the “wicked” problem of sustainable development. Sustainable development is a “wicked problem” as it does not have an exhaustively describable set of potential solutions, many aspects of the wicked problem can be symptoms to other world issues and that every solution is a direct attempt, as there is no chance to learn by trial and error. That is why laws and regulative conventions have locked us in a society that highly believes economic growth is the ultimate goal. But, there is evidence that this has caused much environmental degradation. In Wicked , an observation is made that the emergence of zoning laws in municipalities all around the world has led society in a path of separatism for living and working. Whereas, providing access to local goods out of a home-based business would
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