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GEOG 203 – Week 9 Response Iouri Basmanov – UWID# 20340417 June 30 th , 2011 (Tutorial 102) The title of this week’s Alternatives journal is appropriate as it asks very relevant questions in terms of growth and sustainability in renewable & non-renewable resources and food. The biggest question is: how are we able to regulate and enable small-scale operations that are able to compete with the existing world energy infrastructure, where mass-consumption and fossil fuels are preferred? There has been positive progress in this regard, however. It is becoming clearly evident to the Canadian public that small plot, intensive farming makes sense, from food mileage to rarely defective food. As the world rapidly urbanizes, agricultural practice should follow people into the city. By providing fresh local food to farmers’ markets and restaurants, urban farmers develop a rapport with the neighbouring community and thus enhance local sustainability of food. Another positive step for sustainability, are the incentives and subsidies the Canadian
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