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PROBLEMS Women face major obstacles when working for TNCs with lax regulations. Poor treatment and pressures of termination in the case of pregnancy or marriage delegitimize the women’s role in society As the country’s economy grows in size, spending is done in favour of TNCs, missing the opportunity to increase social welfare The air pollution in Delhi, a hotspot/haven for pollution, contains 5 times the acceptable WHO standard in total suspended particulate. TNCs operate in concentrated areas that results in adverse effects to human health The huge presence of slum-housing and the ability of TNCs to attract
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Unformatted text preview: poor workers widens the inequality gap in India Methods Lobby the Indian government for intervention in quality of foreign investors and laws to rehabilitate spoiled land Educate women on UN Fundamental Rights and how to use them in the workplace. Through family dialogue, the adverse effects of globalization will be known to the population Make TNCs and Native Populations interests align through employee protest. Adopt a revenue-sharing program that rewards employees Increase legality of slums for domestic business growth, rent income and provision of services....
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