Scope and Sequence of Agriculture Biotechnology 2

Scope and Sequence of Agriculture Biotechnology 2 - Scope...

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Unformatted text preview: Scope and Sequence of Agriculture Biotechnology 3 This course is designed to enhance competencies in the areas of current agricultural bi- otechnology applications, genetic principles, tissue/cell culture, and the potential for bio- technology in the area of agriculture. August 11-17 Work days for teachers (7.5 hours) Feedback from prior years teacher and course evaluations to determine course outline and teaching methods. I believe that for this particular course, it needs to start with a review from the previous course Days 1-3 August 18-20 First Day for Students-Introductions-Syllabus-Ice breakers and leadership/team building activities Benchmark: 28.0 Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills needed to accomplish team goals and objectives . Indicators: 28.01 Employ leadership skills to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. LT1.0 28.02 Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others in order to accomplish objectives and tasks. LT3.0 28.03 Conduct and participate in meetings to accomplish work tasks. LT 4.0 28.04 Employ mentoring skills to inspire and teach others. LT 5.0 The first 3 days is designated for students to become accustomed to a new classroom and teacher (for some). The syllabus wont be passed out until after the first day so students can be comfortable in the classroom, but it also tests the students knowledge of classroom etiquette. The teacher will then be able to assess which angle to portray the classroom rules or any amendments that may need to be tended to on the syllabus so it is as efficient as possible. Days 4-9 August 23-27 Lab Safety Instruction-Lab Safety quiz-Becoming familiar with lab equipment-Reviewing classroom facilities and emergency stations-Cleaning any lab materials or equipment for future use Benchmark (from Ag Biotech 2): 13.0 Practice agricultural laboratory safety 25.0 Demonstrate the application of biotechnology to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) . Indicators: 13.01 Identify first aid supplies, personnel and emergency protection areas. 13.02 Monitor, use, store and dispose of hazardous materials properly. 13.03 Document safety training and practices using Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. 13.04 Demonstrate and utilize safety equipment. 13.05 Identify safety symbols and signs. 13.06 Demonstrate appropriate safety procedures and guidelines, and discuss implications of safety violations. 25.01 Develop a standard operating procedure for a biological process in agri- culture. 25.02 Calibrate laboratory equipment and conduct instrument qualification tests. 25.03 Verify the physical properties of buffers, reagents, solutions and media....
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Scope and Sequence of Agriculture Biotechnology 2 - Scope...

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