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Objectives of Unit Plan: 1. Identify major milestones in development in biotechnology. 2. Assess the future impact biotechnology could have on world populations. 3. Apply different facets of biotechnology to agriculture and identify the economic im- pact. 4. Identify and discuss emerging technologies in agriculture production. 5. Research, evaluate and articulate the implications of an ethical, legal, social or cultur- al biotechnology issue in agricultural production. 6. Debate an ethical issue associated with biotechnology. 7. Evaluate and justify decisions based on ethical reasoning. 8. Identify and explain personal and long-term consequences of unethical or illegal be- haviors in the workplace. All objectives will be covered in this assignment.
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The Great GMO Debate: 100 points Description: Students will perform in a formal debate with their peers on current issues and innovations in Biotechnology in ag- riculture. Scoring:
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Swanhart_AlternativeAssessmentRubric - Objectives of Unit...

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