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Bell Middle-High School Course Syllabus Spring 2011 Instructor: Samantha Swanhart Course Title: Agriculture Biotechnology 3 Course Number: 8106850 Course Credit: 1 Contact Information: Office located at Platform 9 3/4 Office Hours: Planning period during 4th period and after 3pm M-TR Office Phone: (813) 765-6780 Email address: [email protected] Course Description: This course is designed to enhance competencies in the areas of current agricultural biotechnology applications, genetic principles, tissue/cell culture, and the potential for biotechnology in the area of agriculture. Course Requirements: In order to take this course you must have already completed Agriculture Foundations I and Agriculture Biotechnology 2 with a C or better. Required Materials: 1. Textbook: There will be a class set of Agricultural Biotechnology by Raj Mohan Joshi available for students to use in class and check out if they need to take it home. 2. Supplies: Students are required to be prepared for class with necessary material to be successful in class (paper, pencil/pen). Students are also required to bring a planner every day to practice organizational skills and to keep track of their assignments and due dates. Course Objectives: 1. To acquire an understanding of techniques and terminology of biotechnology in agriculture. 2. To comprehend the nature of environmental and ethical concerns over biotechnology in agriculture. 3. To apply concepts from agricultural biotechnology to animal and plant science. 4. Utilize biotechnology applications to further the enhancement of scientific literacy in students.
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5. Explore potential careers in agricultural biotechnology field. Grading and Evaluation: Recorded grades will be available for students to review at any convenient time. Outline of Grading Scale 5% Homework: 10% Labs: 15% 40% 30% Attendance: Students are allotted 3 unexcused absences before a penalty is enforced. Every unexcused absence after 3 results in 5 points off
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syllabus - Bell Middle-High School Course Syllabus Spring...

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