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Samantha Swanhart 1488-4485 July 25, 2011 TSL 4324, Summer B 2011 Self Portrait The Melting Pot, The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Over the course of history, there have been many references to the United States of America. A child is born roughly every 7 seconds into the United States, each of them different. This di- versity clause is what defines the uniqueness to the USA, and also contributes to the challenges of defining what it means to be an American. I was born and raised in the confines of Tampa, Florida, and in order to define what it means for me to be American and my heritage, I will need to go back to the beginning. I was born on an early morning of July 13, 1989. I was 18 days early, but com- pletely ready to be brought into the world, since I was the second daughter of my family. My family as a whole is relatively small when placed into the big picture, but the di- versity and worldly influences genetically passed on in my family reaches to all corners of the globe. My mother’s name is Wendy Swanhart, formally Wendy Wadsworth. She was born December 30, 1952 in Orlando, Florida, raised in the roots of suburbia with her younger brother Charlie. Her mother, Myrtle Halverson, was born in Sudbury, Canada. She grew up with a large family of 5 sisters, one of whom, Marg, just recently celebrated her 103rd birthday! She worked in a dentist office Her father, Charles Wadsworth, was born in Canton, Georgia with two brothers. He was a journalist for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper for 45 years, and was a navigator on a bomber plane in World War II. He
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started his journalism career as a sports editor, and eventually wrote his own column for the newspaper. He worked with Stan Roberts, a sports writer who found his passion for writing after watching a Kentucky-Florida football game, and found glory on his article about the Florida Relays. Roberts became a campus correspondent for Charlie’s stor- ies, of course, all about Florida Gator sports. My father’s name is Mark Edward Swanhart, ex-”army brat”, born on July 31, 1958 in Ft. Polk, Louisiana. His father, William Swanhart, was born in Pennsylvania. He dropped out of school after 8th grade and joined the Army. His mother, Toshika Mukai, was born in Japan. She finished high school and moved to America around 1957. My father Mark was the middle child of 2 other brothers, Matthew, the eldest, and Luke, the youngest. Toshika remained as a housewife to care for her sons while William remained working for the Army. Their home infrastructure was radically different than most house- holds. My father described it was being very awkward and tense. Through high school, the boys were not allowed to date or have much of a social life. My father joined the marching band of his high school and played trombone, his only reason of being out of the house at night. After World War II, there was an exponential growth in Americans moving to live
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assignment 2 - Samantha Swanhart 1488-4485 July 25, 2011...

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