ESOL Lesson plan - Lesson Promoting Dairy Breeds Time...

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Lesson: Promoting Dairy Breeds Time Allotted: 4 days. Preparation & Equipment: Chart paper and markers, breed magazines, the internet, and The Science of Animal Agriculture as a Science 3rd Edition. Instructions: • Split students into groups and give each group a breed of dairy cow that they need to promote (do not let them pick the breed in order to make sure that many breeds are covered) • Groups will research the breed given to them based on characteristics, milking statist- ics, butterfat, products produced by cow’s milk, etc. Allow Students to use resources to come up with a promotional campaign for that breed, which could include a skit, poster, etc. Groups will present a 2 minute presentation on their specific breed. Students will be required to take notes on each breed, because there will be an activ- ity/classroom assignment comparing each breed. Debrief: After presentations, students will have a discussion of each breed and it’s posit- ive and negatives. This will help reinforce what was previously taught in the presenta- tions. This will also allow ELLs to gain higher level thinking skills by learning what the terms/breeds are, and applying these concepts to industry level analysis. Debrief: Encourage members to consider that the different breeds have different posit- ive and negative attributes. No one breed is better than another. It is the same with dif- ferent races of people. Ask members what “breeds” they have at home. Would they ever like to have a different breed? How are the “breeds” from the ELLs native country different than the “breeds” in America? Content Objectives:
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ESOL Lesson plan - Lesson Promoting Dairy Breeds Time...

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