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Samantha Swanhart 1488-4485 TSL 4324 August 1, 2011 ELL Interview I decided to interview my high school friend, Miss Adriana (or Asa) Santa Cruz. She was born January 8, 1991 in Lima, Peru. She will be graduating from University of South Florida with a degree in Architecture in 2014. Asa and I went to Middleton High School together; I was in the Biotechnology magnet, she was in the Engineering mag- net. We were in practically every extra curricular together, including the school’s volley- ball and soccer team, National Technical Honor Society, National Honor Society, Thespi- ans Honor Society, and she was involved in the Engineering club. She is now involved in AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) at USF. Asa moved to the United States July 7, 2001; she recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary of being a US citizen. She speaks fluent English and Spanish, and has been recreationally learning American Sign Language. Her parents live in Tampa and her younger sister, Valeria, recently started school here in Gainesville at University of Florida to study Business. Currently her parents are divorced. Her mother remarried, and loves cooking meals and loves her family. Her father remarried, but also divorced from that marriage. Asa’s career goals are driven towards Architecture. She loves designing, and would be happy with any job in that field because she enjoys it so much. Asa was born in Lima, Peru. Besides traveling to other cities in the US and Peru like Ayacucho and Huancayo, she has not travelled elsewhere. The weather in Peru was mostly cloudy year round, no extreme cold to hot shifts. She attended Patrocinio de San Jose, San Marcelo, and Santa Isabel de Ungria, all in Lima, Peru. They were very
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strict and were much more advanced than school’s she’s attended in the US. She had classes 5 days a week, but class was different each day. Classes were divided into blocks, and core classes like Language Arts and Mathematics were 45 minute blocks every day, while electives like Religion and Art were done in 45 minute blocks once a
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Swanhart_Assignment 3 - Samantha Swanhart 1488-4485 TSL...

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