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Preflection/Introduction (Interest Approach) Estimated Time: 5 minutes Daily Plan Instructor: Samantha Swanhart Lesson Title: What’s Ag Got To Do With It? Unit Title:Introduction to Agriculture Course:Introduction to Agriscience Estimated Time: 80 minutes; two 40-minute class periods Materials, Supplies, Equipment, References, and Other Resources: Powerpoint: laptop, projector, screen Flip chart: easel, flip chart paper, markers Emblem activity: craft materials, access to photos and material about FFA emblem Student Performance Standards (SPSs): Sunshine State Standards: 01.01 Define agriculture and explain its diversity and scope. 01.02 Describe the importance of agriculture on a world, national, state and community scale. Describe the importance of agriculture in each individual's life. 01.07 Describe the diversity of career opportunities in agriscience and technology. 02.01 Apply basic mathematics operations to solve agri- cultural problems. 03.01 Identify the agricultural source of consumer products. 03.02 Trace the development of an agricultural product from the producer to the consumer. 06.01 Describe the aims and purposes of the FFA organ- ization. 06.02 Identify opportunities available to FFA members. Essential Questions 1. How does agriculture impact your everyday life? 2. What types of resources does agriculture supply to a community? 3. What are the parts of the FFA emblem and what do they mean?
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A Day of Agriculture Students in this course are primarily sixth grade students with no prior experience in an ag-based classroom. For this exercise, the students will close their eyes, and listen to prompts given by the in-
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Swanhart_Daily Lesson Plan - Daily Plan Instructor:...

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