Biological control lab report

Biological control lab report - Comparing the Fatal Effects...

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Comparing the Fatal Effects of Biological Control and Pesticide Application on Aph- ids Samantha Swanhart 1488-4485 ENY 3005C July 12, 2011
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Abstract Introduction Biological control can be defined as the utilization of beneficial microorganisms to suppress plant disease (Johnson, 2010). In order for biological control to be success- fully implemented to replace pesticides, it is necessary to first explore the natural en- emies in the region of origin of the pest. The natural enemies of the area automatically control the pests in their region of origin, therefore by identifying and collecting these natural enemies, the researcher or scientist can inventory and stockpile the natural en- emies is preparation for use of biological control. There are various methods plant pathologists utilize these beneficial insects to control or suppress diseases. One method involves genetically variant insects called “parasitoids,” sometimes mistaken for para- sites, but are developed to commandeer the host’s resources in order to complete meta- morphosis, in exchange, deteriorating the host’s vitality. Parasitoids have been noted to secrete certain steroids and juvenile hormone into the host, believed to enhance the de- velopment of the parasitoid. (Beckage and Gelman, 2004). The parasite is notably dif- ferent because of its contrasting characteristics of rarely attaching to a single host or changing hosts, size ratio to the host, etc. Augmentative biological control utilizes the technique of inoculation (routine introduction) of inundation (flooding) of beneficial in-
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Biological control lab report - Comparing the Fatal Effects...

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