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Social insects journal - In the insect world, social...

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In the insect world, social behavior is basically how the individuals behave or in- teract with each other and to others. There are different degrees of sociality, depending on the degree of which they are social. In the human world, being social isn’t exactly a choice. We are constantly surrounded by people and forced to interact with people. Even if you live on a completely sustainable fortress that you built and you grow your own food, there is no way to completely ignore the outside world or not be social to some degree. Based on that understanding, it’s actually easy to compare the insect world to the human world. Some insects are social, some are not; some humans sit with 20 other people around them at lunch, some prefer to eat alone. When insect sociality starts getting technical, that’s where some differences lie. There are a group of insects that are considered solitary, meaning they live completely alone and come together just to reproduce. As much as the human male race would love for that to be true, there is no way for humans to be completely solitary, unless they are forced to be (in jail, under
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Social insects journal - In the insect world, social...

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