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AOM3220 HW13 - AOM 3220 Agricultural Construction and...

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AOM 3220 Agricultural Construction and Maintenance Weatherization 1. Your utility bill includes terms like: kWh, Therms and kgal. Explain in detail what each of these terms means. kWh: kilowatt hours; electricity units Therms: natural gas, 100,000 BTUs or 100 cubic feet of natural gas Kgals: 1000 gallons of water or wastewater 2. Explain how you could calculate an average base load for your home’s utility costs given that you had all of the bills from the last 12 months. add the lowest 3 months of usage and divide it by 3. 3. From the information in question 2, explain how you could estimate your home’s cooling and heating costs, both in energy and dollars. add amounts above base load for summer/winter months and multiply by $/kWh 4. Typically, how is your wastewater bill calculated if you are on city water and sewer? based off month with lowest consumption for base load, additional Kgals charge for additional consumption 5. Name and describe at least ten things on the exterior of your home that can cause high en- ergy, water, and wastewater bills.
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