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Leadership lesson plan - Daily Plan Instructor: Samantha...

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Preflection/Introduction (Interest Approach) Estimated Time: 5 minutes How Do We Communicate? Display an image of well-known celebrities. Ask the students to write down as many details as they can for each person. One by one, have the students present what they wrote. After the students have presen- ted what they wrote, ask the students how they learned so much about these celebrities, even though (typically) they have never met the person. Paper Tearing Exercise: Give each student a piece of paper. Recite to the students that we will be playing a game to demonstrate effective communication. Give the following directions: 1. Hold the piece of paper in front of you. Close your eyes. Keep them closed during the exercise, no peeking, and no asking questions. Just listen to the instructions. 2. “Fold your sheet of paper in half.” 3. “Tear off the upper right hand corner.” 4. “Fold it in half again.” 5. “Tear off the lower right hand corner.” 6. Now prompt the students to open their eyes. It’s highly unlikely for the sheets to be exactly the same- but that is the purpose of the exercise. Ask the group why their papers didn’t match. This will provide the foundation for effective, verbal or non-verbal, two-way communication. Daily Plan
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Leadership lesson plan - Daily Plan Instructor: Samantha...

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