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Quiz 2 - 5 How an adult stem cell accomplishes dual task of...

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Quiz 2 1. True/false, why? – If a stem cell does not go to self-renewal, it must go to differentiation. 2. A teratoma was found in a patient who did not receiving any embryonic stem cell transplantation, where does the teratoma come from? 3. What is stem cell niche? List four of them. 4. One researcher transplanted 10,000 of blood stem cells (purity 98%, with the expression of green fluorescent protein GFP as a tag) into a recipient mouse. After a few weeks of transplantation, approximately 0.02% of cells expressing the green protein also expressed liver specific markers. How to interpret these data?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How an adult stem cell accomplishes dual task of self-renewal and generation of differentiated cells? 6. Provide evidence to support (or disagree with) cancer stem cell hypothesis. 7. If cancer stem cell hypothesis is true, how many possible approaches in the future to target cancer stem cells during treatment? 8. True/false, why? – Unlimited proliferation of stem/progenitors is always good for our health. 9. Based on the current knowledge you have learned, explain why some individuals have longer life span?...
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