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Quiz 6-7 - Quiz 6 7 1 A researcher cultured neural tissue...

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1. A researcher cultured neural tissue in the plastic plate and obtained some adherent cells. These cells can be further differentiated into neuron, cartilage and muscle cells. What types of these cells are? What are the next experiments to define these cells? 2. To realize the therapeutic potential of hESCs, how many hurdles we have to overcome? Do you think hESCs can eventually be used in clinic? Why? 3. If you are going to apply for a grant to reprogram adult cells into pluripotent cells, which approach are you going to employ? Why? Do you think you could convince the grant review committee that your approach and design is the best and the most efficient, and hold a strong potential? 4. Since iPS cells have been successfully generated, what are rationales to do SCNT? 5. You have already obtained one iPS-like cell line from fibroblast cells, what is your experimental approach to further characterize these cells and prove they have been reprogrammed with pluripotent potential? 6.
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