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HSS3321 B: Sociology of Health Professor: Dr. Sonia Gulati DOCUMENTARY: Transgender Kids (2011) - Lecture 11 - December 2, 2011 Focus : Transgender, gender/sex, pharmaceuticals, role of medical profession Film synopsis : “What would you do if your young son was desperate to become a girl - or if your daughter wanted to be a boy? This shocking yet touching documentary offers a rare, intimate look into the world of children who believe they were born the wrong sex. Diagnosed with gender identity disorder, their childhoods include puberty blockers, hormone injections, cross-dressing and a struggle for social acceptance. How far are they willing to go to change their gender? How young is too young? And how should parents respond?
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Unformatted text preview: Transgender Kids follows the lives of four transgender children and the parents who have chosen to support them as they transition to the opposite sex.” (CBC News Network, 2011) Questions to consider : 1. Define the terms sex, gender, and transgender. 2. Discuss the role of the medical profession in helping individuals to transition to the opposite sex. 3. Do you think it is okay to help children transition to the opposite sex? 4. How do you think society views transgender kids and their parents? 5. Discuss two links between the film AND the sociological concepts discussed in class. The Passionate Eye - Transgender Kids: http://www.cbc.ca/passionateeye/episode/post-1.html#...
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