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LECTURE 7 Handout 2 - HSS3321 B: Sociology of Health...

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HSS3321 B: Sociology of Health Professor: Dr. Sonia Gulati LECTURE 7B: Cancer Journey (Handout 2) Guest Speaker: Mr. Vikram Bubber November 4, 2011 Lessons from the Journey Foreword: North American society is based entirely around the concept of “self.” It tells us that our lives and how events impact us is the only thing that really matters. This has caused a great disconnect between our individual stories and the “big story” that is unfolding all around us. North America needs to rediscover this feeling of interconnectedness and keep that idea front and center in our everyday lives. Despite the fact that these lessons below were drawn out of a cancer journey, they are very applicable to every trial that we as humans will encounter. These are the major themes of the BIG STORY of humanity that we can all connect to. All these lessons were gleaned from seven evening discussions with a group of eight young adult cancer survivors on the beautiful Owyhee River. I hope that you will discover as much about life as we did as you read through these major themes of human existence. Sincerely, Mike Lang 1. Transition Everyone goes through many transitions throughout their lives, whether it be transitioning from city life to river life or young adult life to the newness of being diagnosed with cancer. It is important to recognize the numerous transitions that a young adult (YA) with cancer goes through when diagnosed.
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Life Lesson: Get Connected As a group, we determined that the best way to move through the many difficult transitions is to “Get Connected” with other YAs who have gone through a cancer journey as well as organizations that can ease the intensely abrupt transitions that accompany a cancer diagnosis. 2. Fear & Uncertainty
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LECTURE 7 Handout 2 - HSS3321 B: Sociology of Health...

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