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LECTURE 8B Gender and Health Part 2

LECTURE 8B Gender and Health Part 2 - HSS3321 B Sociology...

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HSS3321 B: Sociology of Health Professor: Dr. Sonia Gulati LECTURE 8B – Gender and Health Part 2: Reproductive Health and Emergency Contraception November 11, 2011 Guest Speaker: Angel M. Foster, DPhil, MD, AM Dr. Angel Foster is the Echo's Endowed Chair of Women's Health Research at the University of Ottawa and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences. A 1996 Rhodes Scholar from Oregon, she received her Doctor of Philosophy degree (DPhil) in Middle Eastern studies from Oxford University. Grounded in the fields of medical anthropology and public health, her doctoral and post-doctoral research focused on women's comprehensive health care in Tunisia and involved more than two years of fieldwork. Dr. Foster also holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Harvard Medical School and both a Master's degree (AM) in international policy studies and a Bachelor's degree (BAS) in international relations and biology from Stanford University. Dr. Foster has conducted mixed-methods research on women's health in Egypt, Jordan,
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