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C. Sethna University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences-Health Sciences Program HISTORY OF HEALTH CARE HSS 2121 January-April 2011 Professor: C. Sethna Office: 30 Stewart rm. 208 Office Hours: Tuesdays 11-2:00pm Email: [email protected] Class Schedule: Mondays 4:00-7:00pm Classroom: CBY B205 Teaching Assistants: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ THIS SYLLABUS THOROUGHLY. ENROLLMENT IN THIS COURSE MEANS THAT EVERY STUDENT WILL ABIDE BY THE SYLLABUS AND BY ANY ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS DELIVERED BY THE PROFESSOR. Description of the course: The focus will be on the history of health and health care system placed in its social , cultural and political context. Ideas, events and people are introduced and examined for their influence, interrelationships and significance. Special attention will be given to the place of the non-physician health professional in the scheme of events and on the development of multidisciplinary team approach.   Time period will span mainly the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, emphasizing the relationship of gender, race, class, and sexuality in relation to the concepts of health, disease and illness. Some of the topics covered will be sexual relations, sexually transmitted illnesses, contraception, abortion, mental illness and childcare. The impact of lay groups and lay individuals on the concepts of health, disease and illness will be examined. This course holds that it is fundamental for students to draw links between the past and the present, particularly given current international and national debates about health care reform. Goals of the Course: 1. To raise awareness of history as a research discipline that can enrich understanding of the present. 2. To instill a sense of skepticism (educated doubtfulness) with regard to medical beliefs, knowledge and opinions. 3. To think critically about the impact of variables such as gender, race, class, and sexuality on our understanding of health, disease and illness. 4. To learn how the historical study of health care provides a window into society and its values.
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C. Sethna 5. To focus on major themes and concepts in the history of healthcare as outlined in the required readings and lectures. Required Readings: 1. Jacalyn Duffin , History of Medicine: A Scandalously Short Introduction 2 nd edition (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010. Available at: mother tongue books/femmes de paroles 1067 Rue Bank St. (near Sunnyside St., past Lansdowne Park)Tel: 613-730-2346 Directions: From Bank St. Take Bus No. 1 or Bus No. 7 to Sunnyside St. 2. Course Reader Available at: Rytec (Envirocopies) 404 Dalhousie St. (at Besserer St.) Tel: 613-241-2679 Course structure: This course is based on readings, audio-visual material, lectures, guest lectures and class discussion. These are intended to complement one another – none replace or duplicate the others.
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