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Lec. 3: Jan. 24/11 Focus of course: History of health and disease, illness, birth, death, lifespan, treatments, and cures. Course material encourage to ask questions: how have these variables be experience differently overtime. - How, why, when have these changes occurred - What are the inter-relationships between the sick, the healers, and the healthcare institutions? - What healthcare practices were rejected, accepted and why? - How did healthcare become professionalized and institutionalized? - How was medical authority established? - How was medical knowledge disseminated? - Find answers by doing readings!! o Many of the answers will be revealed in contexts related to moral, social, and cultural values. o Why? New history: comes about in the 1960s and is a new way of doing history because historians start to focus the everyday practices. o They shift their attention from the great world events, the great battles/wars, the great personalities, and focus more on the everyday practices. o This course is about the influence of the new history. Focus of the course is: who is the patient, what is the patients experience of healthcare treatment. o Focuses on the relationship of power between healer and the healed. o The focus is on the bias in the healthcare system. Is there historical evidence for a bias in the healthcare system? Body Parts Lecture Class discussion From readings: Margaret Humphreys Poor historian: refers to 2 categories 1. Patient who cannot provide information about his/her medical history 2. The healer who knows nothing about the past, the history of medicine or healthcare, but knows everything about modern medicine. Thus, this person is a poor healthcare professional because this person is a poor historian. This person
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Lec. 3_Jan.24 - Lec 3 Jan 24/11 Focus of course History of...

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