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BCH 3125 Research Project and Take-home Exam For the final...

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BCH 3125 Research Project and Take-home Exam For the final research project/take-home exam, you must write a research report on one of the topics listed below. The protocol for completing this project is as follows: 1) Each student must first choose a topic for his/her research project from those listed below. Feel free to look at the papers posted on the WEB – but you do not have to read the papers to make a choice. Once you have chosen a topic, email the TA ( [email protected] ) with your choice by Tuesday, March 29, 4:00 p.m.. You may want to send a second choice as well. We will then look at the numbers of students in each group and move students around to equalize the numbers. Students who do not submit a request will be arbitrarily assigned a research project – so do not worry if you do not have time to do this. We will post the final project assignments by Friday, April 1, 2011. 2) The final two lectures of the course will be devoted to the research projects. Students must read the two papers that are provided on the web site for the chosen project.
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