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Control Mechanisms Paper.Team A

Control Mechanisms Paper.Team A - Running head CONTROL...

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Running head: CONTROL MECHANISMS 1 Control Mechanisms Team A Denisha Houston, David Gonzalez Eddie Baez MGT/330 September 13, 2011 Mr. Omotoye O. Omokheyeke
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Control Mechanisms 2 Abstract Control mechanisms are processes that direct the activities of individuals toward the achievement of organizational goals. We will identify four control mechanisms that the McDonald Corporation utilizes. We will discuss how Market, Bureaucratic, Clan and Financial controls are incorporated into the McDonald’s business structure to direct their personnel. We will compare and contrast as well as determine the effectiveness of these control mechanisms. We will examine the positive and negative reaction to the use of the control mechanisms as well as how they affect the four functions of management. Four Types of Control Mechanisms Bureaucratic Control Bureaucratic controls are the use of rules, regulations, and authority to guide performance (Bateman & Snell, 2009). McDonalds has grown to be the worldwide leader in the fast food industry.
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