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Running head: ORGANIZING 1 Organizing Eddie Baez MGT/330 September 6, 2011 Mr. Omotoye O. Omokheyeke
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Organizing 2 Abstract The organizing function of management follows a planning structure. It is a function in which synchronizing and combining human, physical and financial resources is vital to the success of the organization. All three resources are important to obtaining results. Therefore, organizational function helps in achievement of results which in fact is important for the functioning of a concern. Organizing is a function by which the concern is able to define the role positions, the jobs related and the co- ordination between authority and responsibility. Hence, a manager always has to organize in order to get results (Management Study Guide, 2008). We will discuss how the following organizational resources, human resources and knowledge, relate to Welker, Inc’s organizing function of management. We will also discuss whether or not Welker, Inc. has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency. Welker, Inc. Welker, Inc. designs and manufactures pipeline equipment for the Oil and Gas industry. The company is private, family owned, and in its third generation of leadership. It has been in business for 52 years, and is the leader in the industry in the concept of “Sampling”, which includes designing and manufacturing pipeline products for the Oil and Gas Industry. The company has slowly grown on the strength of its personnel. Currently we use internal surveys to determine the moral of all the employees, and external wage surveys with businesses that have similar positions, to try to indentify how competitive we are.
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