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Scenario (Rev 2) - Week-2 Team Assignment Scenario Customer...

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Week -2 Team Assignment Scenario – Customer Service Return. Ok Guys, Here’s what I came up with. I embellished on our parts a little. It was the only way I could focus on what I would say. You guys can keep or delete the dialogue I attributed to your part, as you see fit. I didn’t add much for Teddy’s part, because I’m not really sure on his role. I think Eddy has a better idea on that, so Eddy you can plug Teddy’s dialogue in between the other conversations as you see fit. Well, just let me know what you guys get. I color coordinated it so we can easily differentiate each character’s dialogue. We need to come up with a name of store too... I was thinking Computer Mart. COMPUTER MART Scene: A husband and wife walk into a computer store and try to return a laptop computer they had purchased a week ago. It is the lunch hour and there is only one register open. The couple does not have the receipt and the store’s return policy requires a receipt for all returns within 30 days. Customer Service Return. Clerk (Eddie) (Optimist ) – Good Afternoon, How may I help you this wonderful day? Wife (Melba – Pessimist) – We need to return this computer. I don’t like it. It’s not what I wanted.
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Clerk – I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like it. I’ll be more than happy to help you. May I have your receipt? Husband (Ather – Logical) – I’m sorry, but I bought this for a gift for my wife and seem to have misplaced the receipt. Clerk – Wow, Unfortunately our return policy requires a receipt for all returns. Wife – I knew it, I knew it. I’m going to be stuck with a piece of junk computer I don’t want. Customer (Ted-Open Question) Man, is this going to take long? Can you take care of my purchase, as I only have an hour for lunch? Clerk Sir, please be patient, this will not take long. Husband – Sweetie, don’t worry. I’m sure we can work something out with this nice man. I’m sure there’s a logical way to make everyone happy. Clerk – Sure. May I suggest you sign up for our complimentary tutoring classes on new computers? I’m sure once you learn all the cool features of the computer; you’ll begin to love it. Wife – Excuse me?! Are you calling me stupid…? I just don’t want this computer and don’t need tutoring.
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