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Running Header: MOTIVATION CONCEPTS ANALYSIS 1 Motivation Concepts Analysis Luis E. Baez PSY/320 November 19, 2010 Dr. Douglas M. Butler
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Motivation Concepts Analysis 2 Motivation Concepts Analysis The most important asset a business has is its people. In order for there to be growth, success, and profit in a business, there must be individual growth for all of the company’s personnel. As each individual grows so does the team, which creates a unified effort to move the whole company forward. How do we assure that each individual does his or her part? They must be motivated to do so. Many theories have been developed to try to understand what motivates people, but ultimately we will never know exactly what causes people’s behavior to change and make the decisions they do. We will discuss behavioral patterns at Welker, Inc. and how the Achievement Motivation theory has been implemented to try to create an environment of positive growth. What Causes Behavior? Reeve (2009) states that Motivation’s first fundamental question is, “What causes behavior?” Or, stated differently, “Why did she do that?” and “Why does he seek out a particular thing at a particular time?” We see people behave, but we cannot see the underlying cause or causes that generated their behavior (Reeve 2009). We watch people show great effort and persistence (or none at all), but the reasons why they seek things out and show great effort and persistence while doing so remain unobserved (Reeve 2009). Motivation exists as a scientific field to answer this question (Reeve 2009). We need to try to understand people’s behaviors in order to develop the right motivational tools that will help them function with a positive frame of
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MotivationConceptsAnalysis.Baez - Running Header MOTIVATION...

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