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Lecture 1 - Intro to the field of Biopsychology and...

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Intro to the field of Biopsychology and experimental design Monday, January 07, 2008 https://experimetrix2.com/UCSD/ for experiements Prof Wilson’s office: B144B McGill Hall ( Basement) Mke Claffey office: 3141 McGill Mon 2:30 – 4:30pm *Margaret Swingler: 3326 McGill Wed. 1:00 – 3:00pm This course focuses primarily on the function and dysfunction (disease) of the brain. What is biopsychology? Neuroscience – study of the nervous system Psychology – study of human behavior o Biopsychology (behavioral neuroscience) brings these together Study of the brain and behavior Brain is only 2.9lbs Cerebral cortex flattened out = size of medium pizza o But somehow this brain generates all emotions, thoughts, ideas, language, personality, etc. Interprets your senses. A few quick Definitions NS= nervous system Neuron = cell of the nervous system Central Nervous System (CNS) = brain + spinal cord Peripheral nervous system (PNS) = spinal  + cranial nerves ( automatic + somatic nervous  system)  Fields Allied to Biopsychology Neuroanatomy – Structure of the NS Neurochemistry – Chemical bases of neural activity Neuroendocrinology – hormones and the NS o Feeding Fighting Fleeing and Sex Neuropathology – disorders of the NS Neuropharmacology – effects of drugs on NS Neurophysiology – activities of the NS
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Biopsychology attempts to explain how neural phenomena produce psychological phenomena  and behavior (learning, memory, attention and perception, fear sexual behavior, etc. ) 
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Lecture 1 - Intro to the field of Biopsychology and...

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