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Group Motivation Inventory Paper.Baez

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Running Header: GROUP MOTIVATION INVENTORY 1 Group Motivation Inventory Paper Eddie Baez PSY/430 January 28, 2011 Dr. Donald R. Collins
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Group Motivation Inventory 2 Group Motivation Inventory Describe what you learned about yourself in this exercise? I have been involved in groups and team environments for over 40 years. I come from a large family, I have been a career college student for nearly 25 years, I have been very fortunate to have worked in only three companies, all family owned, and I have been involved in team sports, personally and with my three children. My parents were not able to provide many material possessions, but they instilled morals, a strong work ethic, and respect for my fellow man. I believe the combination of all this helped strengthen my motivation skills. This exercise confirmed my passion for team work and enhancing capabilities. I learned that I could motivate and help a person, even in a remote setting. The class sessions are short and time management is critical, so meeting with team members face to face is not always an option. I am confident that I can motivate a person given the time and interfacing with them, but the structure at University of Phoenix has taught me to work outside my comfort zone.
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