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Running head: RESEARCH REPORT 1 Research Report Team B RES/320 April 14, 2011 Mrs. Stephanie Blair Executive Summary
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Research Report 2 Today’s businesses have become global, much more technologically advanced, and extremely competitive. The Airline industry is no exception from this fast paced advancement. Providing great customer service, continuously, is a priority for all airlines even giants like Continental and United Airlines. A business decision was made to merge the two giants, and form one powerful entity. United Continental Holdings, Inc. was developed to create the largest airlines in the industry. The merger establishes the two giants as the leader in the airline industry. Management is thrilled at the opportunity, and the shareholders have been informed and instructed as to how the merger will affect them. Everything seems to have fallen in place, and everyone on the surface seems to be onboard. Unfortunately, not all parties feel the same regarding the merger. Employees are not excited about the merger, because of the rumors that are being circulated. The flight crews, in particular, are not very happy with the process to renegotiate their benefits. Independently, the flight crews of each airline were satisfied with their benefits package, but a unified structure needs to be created, and since they are unionized, company officials, attorneys, and union leaders are working to develop a new contract. The flight crews feel they are not part of the renegotiation process, and they are the ones that are being affected the most. The buzz
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Research Report.Baez - Running head RESEARCH REPORT 1...

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