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Running head: SCALING STUDY 1 Scaling Study Eddie Baez RES/320 April 7, 2011 Mrs. Stephanie Blair Abstract
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Scaling Study 2 There are research topics that require large amounts of data to determine if the outcome is effective or not. The effectiveness of bilingual education is one of those topics. There are so many sources that can be researched, but unfortunately it would involve too much time and money. Designing a questionnaire, and randomly administering it, would help gather some useful data. We will discuss such a questionnaire and the results of it. We will discuss the outcome of the responses, as well as the reliability and validity of such responses from the respondents. Questionnaire According to Cooper & Schindler, wording of survey questions is the most important item that can result in a misconception and wrong answer for the respondent. (Cooper & Schindler, 2006) This is why it is important to thoroughly think out the question and the way it is worded. Words that are used incorrectly can yield misleading answers. When people take surveys they feel pressured to not answer questions to the best of their knowledge. This conception of surveys will make them tainted and non beneficial to those holding the survey. It is also difficult to get a person to answer personal questions about themselves such as financial, medical, and family questions. By wording it correctly, it will appear non-intrusive; the
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Scaling Study.Baez - Running head: SCALING STUDY 1 Scaling...

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