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Food Intake-1 Day Paper.Baez - Running head: FOOD INTAKE-1...

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Running head: FOOD INTAKE-1 DAY 1 Food Intake-1 Day Paper Eddie Baez SCI/220 July 6, 2011
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Food Intake-1 Day 2 Abstract America is the land of opportunity and choice. When it comes to eating, the choices are endless. Although eating healthy is a way of life for most Americans, there are a few of us that struggle to stay on a healthy path, and venture off into the land of fast foods. Nutrition is an important provision to support life, and what we eat will determine the status of our health. We will discuss the food intake for one day and whether it is a healthful diet. Introduction I peaked at 200 lbs. two years ago and currently I have maintained my weight around 178 lbs. I have not cut anything from my diet as I enjoy eating, but what I have worked on is not eating late and cutting out that second helping. I have not been on a rigorous diet, but for the last two years I have made a conscious effort not to overeat and to cut down on snacks. I am very active, as I play tennis, basketball, or workout for lunch every day. Some days I exercise twice as I play on a soccer team and we practice twice a week. I really try to eat well and cover all the food groups, but there are days that I enjoy a hamburger or Chinese food. Food Intake-1 Day The food intake for the day provides a healthy diet, as most of the recommended food groups, vitamins, and minerals have been consumed. (See Appendix A for the Dietary
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Food Intake-1 Day Paper.Baez - Running head: FOOD INTAKE-1...

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