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Food Safety Bulletin.Baez - Running head FOOD SAFETY...

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Running head: FOOD SAFETY BULLETIN 1 Food Safety Bulletin Eddie Baez SCI/220 July 26, 2011
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Food Safety Bulletin 2 Food Safety Bulletin Large city populations are growing rapidly as people look for jobs in this struggling economy. The demand for faster delivery, larger quantities and longer shelf life of food products is on the rise as stores and restaurants must continue to stock up to keep up with supply and demand. In an effort to keep up with this demand, suppliers at times sacrifice the quality of their processes by pushing for faster deliveries so it is extremely important that as consumers we are very careful with our food purchasing, storage and presentation. Introduction of contaminants to our food supply can cause outbreaks of food-borne illness. When purchasing foods at grocery stores, farmer’s markets or from reputable online services you must pay careful attention to expiration dates. Visual observations of packaging, sealed containers or signs of tampering are extremely important. It is important to know the proper transportation and storage requirements for foods you purchase. When transporting foods, make sure items are covered, chilled or refrigerated in the proper containers. Food products should not be stored or transported in the vicinity of cleaning chemicals, herbicides or
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Food Safety Bulletin.Baez - Running head FOOD SAFETY...

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