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Week 3 Discussion Question In your community, what aspects of suburban sprawl and urban blight are evident? As residential areas become heavily populated, homeowners look to distance themselves from the congestion by buying in areas developed further outward. They are willing to pay for this luxury or convenience, so prices are higher for homes, and it basically makes it difficult for most minorities to afford buying a home in that area. This aspect of suburban sprawl, does not come without a price, the downside of developing outward is the lack of amenities such as stores, gas stations, etc. People must drive more and further to get to these places.
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Unformatted text preview: Urban blight can be caused by diversity in neighborhoods. This creates opportunities for certain small-scale industry wants and needs, such as food and clothing stores. Unfortunately, this has an adverse effect on the urban environment, as the neighborhood declines, which open the door for vandalism. Multi-occupancy living becomes common place and the neighborhood is devalued. Identify how the effects from these might be alleviated. Better planning could alleviate most issues. Homeowners, developers, business owners, and owners of multi-occupancy units must all be accountable for the area they live or work in....
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