SCI-362 Case Study Thesis.Team A

SCI-362 Case Study Thesis.Team A - Running Header: ETHICS...

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Running Header: ETHICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT 1 Ethics and the Environment Inga Seals, John Lopez, Isaac George Eddie Baez SCI/362 October 11, 2011 Paul Harder, II
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ETHICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT 2 Efforts to Reduce Ozone in Southern California Case Study Thesis Statement Global warming is a major concern worldwide. There is not a clear understanding as to the cause of global warming, but the deterioration of the ozone layer is believed to be one of the major causes of global warming. Southern California has increased its efforts to reduce the ozone levels by controlling wildfires, trying to remove older vehicles from the roads, and making people aware of bad habits that contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. Many of these efforts will help reduce the escalation of global warming as Southern California has a high rate of smog and pollution. Three Articles Article 1 The author is Miguel Bustillo a Times Staff Writer and his intended audience is the community in Southern California which is possibly involved in the” weekend effect”. The information is relevant because it impacts the air quality over southern California and could harm nearby states. The author used a few sources Douglas R. Lawson of the National
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SCI-362 Case Study Thesis.Team A - Running Header: ETHICS...

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