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Running head: CASE AND POINT ANALYSIS 1 Case and Point Analysis Eddie Baez SCI/362 October 4, 2011 Dr. Paul Harder
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CASE AND POINT ANALYSIS 2 Case and Point Analysis   Hurricane Katrina which hit the north-central Gulf coast along Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in August 2005, was one of the most devastating storms in U.S. history” (Raven, Berg, & Hassenzahl, 2010). Lives were lost and many homes were destroyed as the storm surge, produced by Katrina, was so intense it caused severe damage to the city of New Orleans as well as to other coastal cities and towns in the immediate area. Most of New Orleans and nearby neighborhoods were flooded as levees and canals failed due to the rising waters. Many of the environmental issues caused by this storm were direct results of decisions that had been made earlier in hopes of better developing the territory. Unintended Consequences Many cities located near bodies of water are susceptible to flooding. Although there are many strategic activities that are designed to accommodate navigation, as well as flood control, there are no guarantees that flooding will not occur. New Orleans being a port city was no exception and unintended consequences of humankind activities may have contributed to the
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SCI-362-Case and Point Analysis.Baez - Running head: CASE...

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