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SCI-362-Energy Summary.Baez

SCI-362-Energy Summary.Baez - Running head ENERGY SUMMARY 1...

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Running head: ENERGY SUMMARY 1 Energy Summary Eddie Baez SCI/362 October 11, 2011 Dr. Paul Harder
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ENERGY SUMMARY 2 Energy Summary The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in Antarctica, has been a protected home to many species of animals since 1980. Congress passed a bill to declare it protected territory because of all the wildlife. Oil is the energy source that many supporters believe exists in large abundance but needs to be explored and developed. The Department of the Interior was granted permission to determine the potential of oil in the region, but could only be explored and developed if granted permission by Congress. Conservationists believe that there would be too much irreversible damage to the refuge and would destroy the habitat of many species of animals and living organisms. The United States finds itself spending over half of its energy budget on foreign oil, and feels that if there was more exploration and developing of domestic oil, it would reduce the strong hold that these outside countries have on the United States.
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