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Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper.Baez

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL PHILOSOPHIES AND TECHNOLOGY 1 Organizational Philosophies and Technology Eddie Baez TEC/401 March 10, 2011 Mr. Steve Knabe
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Organizational Philosophies and Technology 2 Abstract Ethical standards and guidelines set the ground work for longevity in a company. Welker’s ethical standards and guidelines were implemented from the day the doors were open in 1958 and for more than fifty years have maintained those standards. In a volatile industry such as the Oil and Gas industry, with millions and sometimes billions of dollars at stake, companies are tempted to sacrifice their ethical integrity for a share of that money. Safety is always the main concern in this industry, and Welker’s founder made the decision to concentrate on safety versus quick financial success. Welker design process is second to none when it comes to safety. Designing for Safety Welker made a conscious effort to design with safety as a first priority. Every product manufactured at Welker is designed on a 4 to 1 safety factor. The accepted industry practice for most related products is 3 to 1 and in some cases 2 to 1. Welker understands that they lose many opportunities for financial gain because of their design, but because of their focus on safety, they will not sacrifice their ethical integrity. Welker has over 75 patents of equipment designed with a 4 to 1 safety factor, and could have very easily become a commodity company, but instead they chose to become a solutions company and address the needs of the customer.
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