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Personnel In Technology Paper.Baez

Personnel In Technology Paper.Baez - Running head PERSONNEL...

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Running head: PERSONNEL IN TECHNOLOGY 1 Personnel in Technology Eddie Baez TEC/401 February 17, 2011 Mr. Steve Knabe
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Personnel in Technology 2 Abstract Welker, Inc. designs and manufactures pipeline equipment for the Oil and Gas industry. For over fifty years, the company has slowly grown on the strength of its products and personnel. With the increase in business around the world and the demands for quicker responses with company processes, the importance of today’s modern technology has never been more evident. Acquiring the right technology to suit the company as well as developing an effective technology support team, has to be top driven. The burden cannot be placed on just one entity; there must be understanding and support from every member of the company. Personnel in Technology Management Building an effective technology support team requires complete involvement from all levels of management, including the CEO. It must be top driven so that there is buy-in and support from every member of the organization. Welker is a small company with 75 employees, and our IT department is handled by one person. He is responsible for keeping us linked in this very fast paced industry that deals with different cultures and time zones. It is vital that he has a strong relationship with management, as he will need their assistance, in assuring personnel that technology will continue to advance at Welker, but not always at the desired pace.
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