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Technology and Management Functiopns Paper.Baez

Technology and Management Functiopns Paper.Baez - Running...

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS 1 Technology and Management Functions Eddie Baez TEC/401 February 10, 2011 Mr. Steve Knabe
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Technology and Management Functions 2 Abstract Welker, Inc. designs and manufactures pipeline equipment for the Oil and Gas industry. The company is private, family owned, and in its third generation of leadership. It has been in business for 52 years, and is the leader in the industry in the concept of “Sampling.” The company has slowly grown on the strength of its personnel. After many years of using a basic ERP system, Welker purchased Global Shop to better integrate the main functions of the business. Welker also purchased communication equipment and software to conduct virtual training through webinars and teleconferences. Technology and Management Functions Global Shop Welker’s New ERP System Global Shop is Welker’s new ERP system. Before Welker actually purchased Global Shop, management assembled a team made up of key personnel from each department. Their task was to address the current issues and the lack of department integration. The data they collected would be given to Global Shop to design an ERP system that would integrate the department functions to ensure processing an order accurately and culminating with proper invoicing.
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