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Running head: TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION 1 Technology Implementation Eddie Baez TEC/401 February 24, 2011 Mr. Steve Knabe
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Technology Implementation 2 Abstract Welker, Inc. designs and manufactures pipeline equipment for the Oil and Gas industry. For over fifty years, the company has slowly grown on the strength of its products and personnel. With the increase in business around the world and the demands for quicker responses with company processes, the importance of today’s modern technology has never been more evident. Reaching our international and domestic clients quickly has become an issue for our sales staff. The Welker sales force has conducted business the traditional way, face to face. Many of today’s major projects are expanding into areas that are not always conducive to a face to face meeting. Different time zones, language differences, and client demand for quick responses have forced Welker to search for alternative means of communication. Webinars and Skype have become the new technology of choice for Welker. Webinars and Skype Introducing New Technology Acquiring Webinar and Skype, for the Sales Department, is the responsibility of the Sales Director. He must present his proposal to management, and sell its value. Once management buys in, then as the Human Resource specialist at Welker responsible for recruiting, training, and career development, the task of implementing the use of Webinars and Skype to the sales staff is mine. The technological advantages of Webinars and Skype are the immediate interfacing conditions that it produces. Different time zones and
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Technology Implementation Paper.Baez - Running head...

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