2172 Coursepack Notes Midterm 2

2172 Coursepack Notes Midterm 2 - Advertising and Society...

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Advertising and Society Course Package Readings Introduction Social Communication in Advertising: Consumption in the Mediated Marketplace: Leiss, William, Kline, Jhally and Botterill Examines the role of advertising and promotional communication in the expansionary phase of the market economy during the 21st century Global advertising in ’03 was a $471 billion business, more than half of which, $249.2 were US advertising expenditures, agencies employ roughly 165000 employees in US and 20000 in London Advertising has become accepted in everyday life, symbolic attributes of goods, as well as characters, situations, imagery and jokes are fully integrated Twitchell compares advertising to a religion for its honest celebration for consumer goods as the key to contemporary American life ways, no other discursive practice in modern society exemplifies the tensions underlying the expansionary phase of market society, critics accuse it as a manner of all evil Historical influences and living patterns have diminished considerably as the marketplace expanded and as mass media grew in prominence, marketplace has become a significant medium of social communication Space left over in personal life has been filled largely by what we call the mass media’s discourses through and about objects Communications among persons, in which individuals send “signals” to others about attitudes, expectations, identity, intentions are strongly associated and expressed through patterns of ownership, preference, display and use of things Relationship between persons and nature is fundamental to our survival, goods-in-use mark honor, prestige, and rank; bind us in affection, love and friendship. Clothing, tools, beads, etc. invoke myth and tell stories through their display and use Material objects produced for consumption in the marketplace not only satisfy needs but also serve as markers and communicators for interpersonal distinctions and self-expression, sheer intensity of both availability of goods and promotional effort Advertising is not just a business expenditure undertaken in the hope of moving some merchandise, it is rather an integral part of modern culture; its unsurpassed communicative powers recycle cultural models and references back through the networks of social interactions, sets out to trace the changing discourses through and about things within the expanding mediated marketplace Accounts of the market economy provided by business and of sociology differ but are both necessary for the understanding of the role played by advertising int eh changing discourses through and about goods Marketplace is the point of access to material culture and the expanding discursive space in which meanings of social consumption are transacted and negotiated, “taste cultures”, “lifestyle groupings”, “demographic cohorts” Advertising became a “privileged” form of social communication - special prominence
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2172 Coursepack Notes Midterm 2 - Advertising and Society...

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