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2172 Coursepack Notes Midterm - Advertising+ Society...

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Advertising+ Society Controversies and Consequences Text Notes Chapter 1 – People Don’t Hate Advertising, They Hate Bad Advertising By Carol J. Pardun -easy to take shots at advertising and how it takes over our lives, but we also love advertising -we discuss favourite commercials and incorporate terminology into our language -still there’s a lot about advertising that makes us uneasy, they are everywhere, many people don’t know enough about advertisement where their appropriate or legal -the more we understand about advertising the better -we need to critically thinking about it A Mirror of Society? Or an Agent of Change Richard Pollay (1986) – wrote an article laying out role of advertising. Asks is advertising a mirror of society? Is advertising an agent of change? -if advertising is a mirror of society, then the advertising industry is not really to blame for all problems associated with bad advertising. -were to blames, it’s a reflection of our culture. We look in the mirror and see ourselves Perhaps advertising is an agent of change. Meaning advertising can change our perspective about a product and contribute to what we purchase . -if this is true, it’s advertisings fault we are the way we are Advertising example of change: new coffee bag looking for specific product because of ad -after seeing ad totally change the way we drink coffee -advertising can create false hope when the product isn’t as good as others, or as the advertising makes it out to be Many people argue that all sorts of ads have impacted people and persuaded them to change their buying behaviours- ultimately changing their lives -people never believe that an ad has impacted them personally, only other ( this is called the Third Person Effect) -a lot of evidence that advertising is an agent of change Considering both options we know that advertising is both an agent of change and a mirror of society -too hard to choose between one -this book is about examining the controversies, thinking about the consequences and then choosing a side -end up learning more about both sides this way if were willing to argue one side -we can come to appreciate the other side of the argument and learn more about our own convictions There is more than one way to look at just about everything that has to do with advertising
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Ivan Preston, good writer, spent his entire career writing about dangers of puffery in advertising Jeff Richards, written extensively about the dangers of regulating tobacco advertising; he was willing to explore the idea that the government has not done enough Chapter 2 The Economic Impact of Advertising : What is the Controversy? - the topic of economic impact of advertising is critical -we don’t often think about the role that advertising plays in letting us consume the different kinds of media that we have come to rely on - In 2005, estimated that advertising pumped 5.2 Trillion into the U.S economic -In 2006, estimated that the worlds wealth added up to 44 trillion
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2172 Coursepack Notes Midterm - Advertising+ Society...

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