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2172 Final Exam Notes - Advertising & Society Final Exam...

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Lecture Oct 26 Culture CULTURE: body of learned behaviours taught by socializing agents (parents, school, church, peers, etc) Common to a given human society (some people argue that there is no “Canadian culture” because so diverse Acts like a template/guide Predictable form and content shapes behaviour/consciousness in society, passed down for generation to generation (can cause intergenerational conflict when younger generations stray) SO: culture is learned because behaviour is learned Consists of: mental processes, beliefs, knowledge values Mental rules guiding behaviour BUT often divergence between acknowledged rules and behaviour (so researchers look at behaviour and material product from society) Many qualities transmitted genetically – others culturally (e.g. eating breakfast is physiological vs. WHAT we eat for breakfast is cultural) Trendspotters/Trendspotting In order to be successful companies have to figure out what will be popular “Cool” = elusive, valuable, can determine brand success, predicts the future Alpha consumers: people who start a trend non-cool people start to follow, predicts future of 1year Companies: Irma Zandl: president of Zandl Group – trend analysis shop Car shows esp. good place to gather info Company makes bi-monthly “hot sheet” websites, products etc…collects info and sells Recruits kids age 8-24 (equal m/f, ethnic groups) GM, Coke, Disney all subscribe for $15000/year Claire Brooks: strategic planning director of Lambesis Agency Trend “bible” called L Style Report “urban pioneers”: after a while, you know when you’re talking to a trendsetter Jane Rinzler Buckingham: president of Youth Intelligence in NYC 3x/year staff picks 300trendsetters Problem: internet is making job harder (after spotting a trend, 4seconds to tell client) DeeDee Gordon: cofounder of Look-Look Make use of internet technology “Field correspondents” (peer-to-peer recruitment) constantly sending info “Youth information specialists” delivering constant stream of info, permanently wired to mothers hip Example: ‘Crave’ cologne wanted to know what to call it…sent poll to 10,000 teens and came up with ‘Crave’ (made possible with internet, not time consuming) 98% new products fail may consumers lie in surveys (don’t want to look stupid) Sociological question: in the past “they told 2 friends” network (Word of mouth), now trends spotted via e-mail/IM Globalization of Popular Culture Corporations: Coca-Cola (80% sales outside North America), Nike, McDonalds increase revenue BUT selling a piece of what it means to be American Globalizing the American Dream Industrial Revolution changed attitude toward consumption (access to goods/modern concept of advertising) Now being re-enacted on a global scale
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2172 Final Exam Notes - Advertising & Society Final Exam...

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