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2172 Lecture Notes Midterm

2172 Lecture Notes Midterm - Advertising and Society...

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Advertising and Society Lecture 1 Introduction Marshall Mcluan (1968) –“advertising is a considerable part of culture. Not separable from any activities of our world” -Advertising is thought to be the most considerable force in determining human behaviour however ignored Concerned with many aspects of sociology -values+ norms -guides us as society -roles and statuses -collective behaviour -social control (how we should behave in society, what’s right/wrong) Advertising guides all of these concerns Why advertising is studied in sociology -deals with people 1. Distribution of resources: advertising responsible for selling resources 2. Impact on society: advertising has the ability to 3500 ads a day, majorly contributed to the culture of society 3. Agent of social control: identifies roles in society guidelines of status, “should” dress, money, personality Privilege form of discourse: place in our lives, messages (influenced messages on society) Century Ago church sermons, political oratory, family elders ( still around today but have been replaced to a large extent) Now, it is discourses through and about objects- what we wear, morals, consumer goods as identity In Mass Media ads- most consistent body of material. -we’ve come to expect ads everywhere, in homes, school etc -we’re being marketed everywhere Ad clutter: cannot get away from ads Ad fatigue: getting tired and burnt out of advertisements These both cause problems for marketers trying to get there ad noticed Reactions of general public, there is nothing we can do about it annoying, but not an issue
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What has a greater influence on society? Public school system VS. Advertising on society 54% 42%( note as half) generally half large influence on society Most advertising is an insult to one’s intelligence yes- 60% Approx 50% report ads are not need for good products 50% ads not to be believed 50% ads do not make products more expensive 50% ads do not influence consumer choice 50% ads do not cause people to spend more money unnecessarily Note: Happiness scales are not related to higher incomes Harsh Criticism -from people who think advertisement has a negative impact on society -people spend 1.3X income, people promote buy nothing Christmas -subliminal advertisement, hidden message in ads. Good portion of population still believes this goes on - strong defences- has artistic form, awards for advertisements, a lot of creativity goes into ads ex subliminal pictures shown in ads, not a mistake Types of Advertising Ambient Ads ( 3500 a day falls under this category) -intrusive ads in public places( t shirts, bus, urinals etc) -traditional forms of ambient ads have gotten everyday expenses -advertisers trying hard to get ads more out there and noticed Criticism within the industry Bob Garfield “environment pollutants” Advertisements Shown - Japan ad for gym- man hanging onto barbell -Louis Vuitton- bags hiding construction of store -Nike- running threw bus stop -man sitting with painted afro for music website
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2172 Lecture Notes Midterm - Advertising and Society...

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