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Unformatted text preview: CARBOHYDRATE CARBOHYDRATE PRESENTATION BY KIMBERLI PREISTER INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION What are carbohydrates? Today we will discuss carbohydrate and how they affect our bodies, the difference between simple and complex carbohydrate. This presentation will also provide information on how sugar breaks down in our body and the benefits that carbohydrates provides in our bodies. We will also discuss how diabetes is related to how carbohydrates affect the body. WHAT ARE CARBOHYDRATES? WHAT ARE CARBOHYDRATES? Carbohydrate is a chemical Carbohydrate contains certain elements Food advertisements call them “carbs” Natural carbohydrates important in healthy diet Process carbohydrates are unhealthy SIMPLE AND COMPLEX SIMPLE AND COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES Simple carbs are sugar Complex carbs are sugars linked together Sugar molecule include monosaccharide Two sugar molecule form disaccharide Length of chain affect carb function HOW SUGAR BREAKS DOWN IN HOW SUGAR BREAKS DOWN IN THE BODY Sugar and starches digest to monosaccharides The digestion begins in the mouth Maltose is broken down to molecules Fructose and galactose are used for energy Some enter blood circulation BENEFITS CARBOHYDRATES BENEFITS CARBOHYDRATES PROVIDE TO THE BODY Carbohydrates provide energy Glucose produce milk sugar lactose Carbohydrates benefit muscle tissue Carbohydrates benefits digestion HEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES HEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES Foods in the starch group rice, potatoes, beans Foods in the fruit group apple, peach, grapes Foods in the dairy group yogurt, cheese Foods in the vegetables group lettuce, onions Foods in the nuts and whole grain group DIABETES DIABETES Diabetes common disorder endocrine system There are four types of diabetes Diabetes affects the body many different ways DIABETES DIABETES Treatment for diabetes Many different types of insulin Diabetes caused by obesity CDC reports 95% cases caused by obesity DIABETES DIABETES Manage diabetes through exercise Manage diabetes from healthy eating Check blood sugar levels Manage stress levels to keep sugar down CONCLUSION CONCLUSION Carbohydrates is a chemical for sugar and grains. Carbohydrates are important in healthy eating in today society. We discussed the differences between simple and complex carbohydrates simple carbs are sugar, while complex carbs are sugars linked together. We also discussed the complacations of how carbohydrates affects diabetes. REFERENCES REFERENCES Retrieved May 30, 2011 Retrieved May 22, 2011 ...
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