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Being hired to run the accounting department for a company I would expect to see many different financial reports. Some of the reports that are important are to see our income statements, because we need to be able to project our earnings for the future and create a budget. Another report that would be very important to see is our expenders and our cash flow. These reports are useful because it helps balance our income to see how much profit we have along with what our company value is. They are also useful for board meeting to show our investors how they are doing during a quarter and to see if we have to liquidate any of our property.
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Unformatted text preview: We would defiantly need to see a job cost analysis done for each job to make sure that our profit and overhead are covered and whether we need to adjust our prices to make sure that we are not losing any money. To help me make business decisions I could use these reports to keep the company afloat or be able to point the company in the right direction. One of the most important reports would have to be a balance sheet, you have certain people handling cash flow situations and the balance sheet can double check peoples work and prevent thievery in the company which in turns saves the company money....
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